9 Questions to determine the perfect agent to sell your property.

These questions are going to help you select the perfect real estate agent to sell your property.

By Rea Tejwani

14-12-2018 |

1. What experience do you have?

Experience is important in any industry, but in real estate, it’s essential. The likelihood of an agent securing a high sale price for your property is largely dependent on their ability to build a rapport and communicate with potential buyers. Which is why our agents at Chambers Frewin believe looking into a prospective agent’s resume should be high up your list of priorities. You can ask them: How long they have been working in the industry When they obtained their license (vs. just a real estate certificate)

2. Which local properties have you sold recently?

Asking this question will shine a light on the agent’s selling ability, while providing an opportunity to sound out their suggested listing price. By asking this question you will gain an insight to the agents selling abilities, also giving them an opportunity to introduce what they deem the most suitable listing price. Giving you confidence that they are well-versed on the current real estate landscape and history of theirs and the company. It’s also worth asking for the contact details of past vendors, so that you can fact-check the agent’s claims (However, this may not always work due to vendors wanting to maintain their confidentiality). It’s important that you find an agent who has experience selling homes that are a similar style to yours and more importantly, who you are comfortable with.

3. How much do you know about the local area?

The importance of local knowledge cannot be overstated when it comes to selling real estate. As soon as a buyer steps foot into your property during an open for inspection, they begin painting a mental picture of what their life would look like if they moved in – and it’s the job of your agent to fill in any gaps on the canvas. The more your agent knows about the local area, the easier it will be for them to answer a potential buyer’s questions about the quickest morning commute, or where they could send their children to school. Making sure your agent has a deep understanding of the local area should be a major check point when selecting the right one.

4. How active are you in the community?

Despite the growth of digital media, word of mouth still is a powerful marketing tool that should not be overlooked. An agent being active in the local community is important as more people are going to be informed about your property. Although this is not a major factor an agent with a larger network is definitely a bonus!

5. What do you know about the local competition?

Ask your potential agents whether they’ve recently visited many open homes in the local area. Don’t hesitate to ask you potential agent whether they have knowledge of their competition. Checking out the competition will enhance their understanding of which features and type of interiors are likely to strike a chord with buyers on the lookout for properties in the area.

6. Who do you think will be interested in my property?

This one’s simple: before you can reach an audience, you need to know who that audience is. If your agent doesn’t know who the potential buyers for your property could be, then your marketing campaign has little chance of success.

7. How will you market and sell my property?

Closer to a full-length conversation than a single question, this line of inquiry goes straight to the heart of the matter. You should discuss everything from which selling method your prospective agent recommends for your property, to how they plan to ‘unique’ features stand out.

8. What are your fees?

While price shouldn’t be your main consideration when signing an agent, it’s important that both parties understand what’s expected from them before they sign any contracts. This reduces the chance of disagreements down the track.

9. Why are you the best person for the job?

Asking this question will highlight what your agent believes to be the most important thing when it comes to selling property, and offer a glimpse into how they think on their feet. This question is going to be the deciding factor to help determine the agent that you are going to select.