Buying your First Home Checklist

What to look for when buying your first Home

By Rea Tejwani

05-09-2018 |
Buying a home is a serious decision and can be an intimidating process, so to make this easier below is a checklist of things to consider when you are on the hunt in the real estate market. This list is beneficial when it comes to wanting the best out of your future home. Where do you want to live? --> Check out our Suburb Profiles 1. Is the house close to facilities? 2. Does the house have the right number of rooms to suit your needs? 3. Are the building and roof structurally sound? 4. What are the neighbours noise levels like? 5. Does the house match your lighting needs? 6. Are there any signs of infestation (mold, bacteria or bugs) 7. Are there any planned developments nearby? 8. Is the garden suitable? 9. Does the property have enough space for parking? --> how much storage/car space do you need 10. Are there any renovations that need to be done? 11. What will some of the ongoing costs be? Each property defers in terms of the style, budget and location to match each person's needs. If you are looking for a particular property don't forget to contact our Property Managers or Sales Associates on 9476 6000.