Gordon Williams

Director - Commercial Property | First National Real Estate Chambers & Frewin I began my career by completing an apprenticeship with the Department of Defence. Over the years I have worked in various industries from electrical switchboards to lightning protection.

My first foray into the world of real estate was in 2000 when Dennis and I purchased a small specialist commercial real estate business in Parramatta. After eight successful years, we decided to expand the business and purchased Chambers & Frewin First National. This provided us with the opportunity to explore the other areas of real estate, namely residential sales, leasing and property management. We decided fairly quickly to amalgamate both agencies into one and made our home base in Hornsby.

As the Director of Commercial Property Management, Sales and Leasing, it didn’t take me long to realise that in order to be efficient and successful in this industry, I needed to understand and emphasise with both my landlords and my tenants. Following this reasoning has provided me with some wonderful professional relationships.

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